Violent Boredom

by Feral Babies

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released November 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Feral Babies Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Violent Boredom
I'm always running in circles
There's no finish line
I'm always staring at the clock
Like I'm running out of time

Someones always breathing
Down my back
There's nowhere for me to hide
I just can't seem to lose me
No matter how hard I try

I just can't settle down.
Track Name: Deep Submission
Transcend your body
Spirit takes your hand
Guides you to a forbidden land

You're falling deeper
Deeper deeper
Got you under erotic hypnosis

Is this surrender that you're showing
Or is submission part of growing
Track Name: Bad Times
I'm not fun
I'm going to have a bad time
Track Name: Teenage Extinction
I'm no prophet no scientist
But I'm qualified to tell you this
There are teenagers dying all around
And none of you are safe and sound
Coming true all your fears
You've tried to fight it off for years
But soon will come the day
When all teenagers fade away
All the teenagers are terminal.
Track Name: Thought Replacer
Seemed like a real nice guy
Said everything I knew was a lie
He was looking for a mind
Wanted to erase my thoughts
And leave his own behind

Don't want no thought replacement
Don't want no

He said my future's grim
That I'll be alright if I'm just like him
But I didn't want to be fixed
Didn't want his religion opinion or politics
Track Name: Rubber Bullet
Got my finger on the trigger
Looking for a peaceful solution
Think I might have a problem
With conflict resolution

Got no patience for diplomacy
Im loading rubber bullets instead
Got my sights right on the target
But I always take the bullet to the head
Track Name: Chronic Failure
I should have known
I'd get it wrong
I've got a list of people I've disappointed
A mile long
Always start out with
The best of Intentions
By the end there's noting
Good about me to mention

I'm a chronic failure
I just can't win
I failed again

I'm gonna do nothing from now on
If I do nothing that there's
Nothing to get wrong
I just wanted to ingratiated
But a lack of interest
Would have been appreciated
Track Name: Feral Babies
We've got no mommies
And we've got no dad's
The doctors say the prognosis is bad
We can't relate can't communicate
And this condition
is a perpetual state